We are happy to announce that since Master Camp 2011, 8 countries have joined the ISKF. They are:

New Zealand

As you can see, they span every region across the globe. We are very happy to welcome them to the ISKF family. It is a tribute to all of our members that they join ISKF because some of them joined after having experienced our ISKF Master Camp and having met our many members. ISKF is very proud that our Shotokan family always welcomes others regardless of their past affiliation or ethnicity. We welcome all cultures because of the philosophy of our founder, Master Gichin Funakoshi which was to share Shotokan karate throughout the world. This philosophy is shared by his student, our Chief Instructor, Master Teruyuki Okazaki. Okazaki Shihan reminds us at every opportunity to study and live by the Dojo Kun and the Niju Kun. He teaches us that this should be our main goal first and foremost. If we do this, we are contributing to help bring peace to the world.
When Okazaki Shihan meets new country directors, this is the first principle he tells them. And when we have our Board of Directors meeting, for our international, national and regional instructors, he again reminds every club instructor and director this important principle. Master Okazaki never wants them to forget to pass these guidelines on to their students. They are after all the future of the ISKF and if ISKF is to remain the high-caliber, traditional Shotokan organization as Master Funakoshi intended, it is imperative the Dojo Kun and Niju Kun be taught. It is natural to forget this and focus on teaching the physical techniques, so everyone must make a conscience effort to remember the spiritual as well. This is why ISKF has remained a traditional organization. And why Okazaki Shihan feels it is important to end every class, event and even tournament with the Dojo Kun. This is to be sure we remain a martial art organization, just as Master Funakoshi intended and never to become a sport organization. This is what keeps the ISKF unique from other karate groups. The training must begin and continue with building the character of each member. Training is for a lifetime, and perfection of character must be the ultimate goal always. If everyone practices this principle, then regardless of the culture or nationality, we are all the same and we are contributing to make the world a better place.