With the independence from the JKA, a few members opted to remain with the JKA. However, the majority elected to remain ISKF and helped to re-organize so that the members in their countries/regions could continue to appreciate the many benefits of being an ISKF member. This included Venezuela, now under the direction of Mr. Ronald Pedreanez. Mr. Pedreanez has been working diligently to assure that the growth of the ISKF in Venezuela will continue.

In the US, our Southern, South Atlantic and Western regions have also been restructured by long- standing members who wished to remain ISKF. In the Southern Region, Dr. J-D Swanson is maintaining that region along with the guidance of Mr. Leon Sill. In the South Atlantic Region, Dr. Kim Koo, is continuing the direction there. And in the Western Region, Mr. Chuck Coburn is the director. Mr. Coburn will be hosting the 2008 ISKF/Western Special Spring Camp, which will include seminars and dan exams. The guest instructor will be Master Yutaka Yaguchi and Sensei James Field.