Shihan Masaru Miura will be teaching at our 2008 Master Camp along with Master’s Teruyuki Okazaki, Hirokazu Kanazawa and Yutaka Yaguchi. Shihan Miura is 9th Dan and President of the Technical Committee of the SKI (Shotokan Karatedo International) European Federation and Chief Instructor in Italy. Shihan Miura visited Shihan Okazaki in Philadelphia many years ago to help teach at one of Master Okazaki’s first clubs. We are very excited about welcoming him back to our area.

We are very fortunate to have 4 of the highest-ranking Shotokan Masters in the world coming to our camp to teach. This is an opportunity not to be missed by any serious Shotokan karate practitioner. We suggest you get your reservations in early because if last year was an example, we will be drawing in a large crowd once again.