42nd Annual ISKF US Nationals & International Goodwill Karate Championships

Hosted by ISKF East Coast Region

Event Dates

November 18 - 20, 2022


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42nd Annual ISKF US Nationals & International Goodwill Karate Championships

Venue & Hotel

The tournament venue and hotel will be:

Philadelphia Marriott Old City
1 Dock Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Group Code: "ISKF US Nationals Tournament"

Deadline: Limited Availability after 18-October

Tournament Registration

US and international tournament registrations and payment will be handled via online service.

  1. This event is for ISKF members only.
  2. All participants (tournament or seminar) must have a current ISKF membership card.
    • All seniors and adults of any rank must have an ISKF passport.
    • Youth and Collegiate brown and black belts must have an ISKF passport.
  3. ISKF membership cards and passports will be for sale at check-in.
  4. Any competitor without a proper ISKF membership card or passport will be removed from the brackets during the tournament.

Registration Prices

Event/ItemPrice ($ USD)
Adult Division

  • 18-44 years old
  • all ranks
  • $55 Individual, single event
  • $80 Individual, both events
  • $85 per Team (max 1)
Youth Division

  • 5-17 years old
  • all ranks
  • $35 Individual, single event
  • $50 Individual, both events
  • $65 per Team Kata (max 3)
Senior Division

  • 45+ years old
  • all ranks
  • $55 Individual, single event
  • $80 Individual, both events
  • $85 per Team (max 1)
Collegiate Division
  • all ranks
  • $35 Individual, single event
  • $50 Individual, both events
  • $65 per Team Kata (max 1)
Non-USA competitor
  • unlimited individuals
  • max 1 team per event and country
  • youth all ranks
  • adult/senior brown and black
$100 per country
USA competitor
  • Senior and Youth individuals
  • Youth all ranks
  • Senior brown and black belts
  • Same price for one or two events
  • Shihan selects Adults
  • $20 Youth Individual
  • $30 Senior Individual
  • $35 Youth Team Kata
  • $45 Senior Team Kata/Kumite
Youth T-shirt$20
Youth Long-sleeve shirt$25
Adult T-shirt$25
Adult Long-sleeve shirt$30
  • Friday morning, all-ranks
Memorial tribute
  • memories for tournament program
  • Sunday dinner


EventDate / Time

  • Competitors, Examinees, Judges
6:00PM - 9:00PM

  • Competitors, Examinees, Judges
9:00AM - 10:00PM

  • Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
9:30AM - 11:00AM
Examinee check-in deadline

  • Dan, Judge, Examiner, & Instructor
International Luncheon

  • 1 representative per country
  • Shihan-kai
  • International Technical Committee
Dan, Instructor, & Examiner exams1:30PM
Judge clinic and exam1:30PM
Teruyuki Okazaki Shihan Memorial Service

  • Seated by 6PM start
  • Masks required
  • Dress appropriately

  • Doors open 5:00PM
  • Doors close 5:55PM

Judges meeting8:00AM
US & International Check-in

  • Competitors only
8:00AM - 7:00PM
US National tournament and finalsAll day
Judges Meeting8:00AM
International Check-in

  • Competitors only
9:00AM - Noon
International Goodwill Tournament

  • Including selected US Team
All day
Banquet & AwardsEvening


Due Date
Advertisement submissions
(email to ISKF HQ)
postal or credit card payment
Friday 30-September
Tournament registrations
(Eventbrite online)
+ $20 late fee per individual/team
Friday 14-October
Friday 21-October (late)
Exam registrations
(email to ISKF HQ)
postal or credit card payment
Friday 14-October
Meritorious Service Award Nomination
(email to ISKF HQ)
Friday 14-October
T-shirt Orders
(Eventbrite online)
Friday 14-October
Hotel group code cut-offLimited Availability after
Tuesday 18-October
Regional confirmation of registrations
(email to ISKF HQ)
Friday 21-October
Banquet registration
(Eventbrite online)
Friday 04-November

Absolutely no exam or tournament registrations will be accepted after Friday 21-October


Exam Forms

  • Send paperwork and payment to your Regional Director (not Eventbrite)
  • Regional Director will send one payment and all forms by 21-October
    222 South 45th Street
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 U.S.A.
  • Handwritten forms (except signatures) will be returned.

Exam Fees


ExamFee ($ USD)
Judge, Instructor, Examiner - Exam Fee$40
Judge, Instructor, Examiner - Registration FeeSee your country director

*All first time examinees must pay registration fee


Every competitor must have the following items:

  1. Plain white gi (only ISKF patch and country flag)
  2. ISKF Kumite Gloves
  3. Mouthguard
  4. ISKF membership card
  5. ISKF passport (except youth or collegiate below brown belt)
  6. Current semester Full Time College Student ID

The following items are not allowed:

  1. Foot, shin, or arm-guards
  2. Protective eyewear
  3. Jewelry (male or female)
  4. Hard hairpieces
  5. Hard medical braces or equipment
  6. Any other non-karate clothing not approved by the Tournament Director


Please consider helping the tournament by judging or buying advertisement space.

Contact ISKFhq@gmail.com with questions

  • Can I participate without and ISKF passport or membership?
    •  All competitors, seminar participants, judges, and exam-takers must have a current ISKF membership.  
    • All seminar participants, judges, and exam-takers must have an ISKF passport.  All adult and senior competitors must have have an ISKF passport.  Any children or collegiate brown or black belts must have a passport.  
    • Please talk to your regional director to obtain an ISKF membership or ISKF passport.
  • What is the closest airport?
  • Are there any other nearby hotels?
  • Where will the tournament take place?
    • All events (tournament, memorial service, seminar, exams, and banquet) will take place inside the same hotel (Philadelphia Marriott Old City).
  •  How can I print this website?
    • Ctrl + P or +P will print this page from your browser.
    • Please note that hyperlinks to forms and other webpages will have their url-address spelled out in the print version.
  •  Will transportation be provided?
    • No.  Transportation to and from airport, alternate hotels, or otherwise is the sole responsibility of the participant.
    • Taxi services are available at airport luggage claim.
    • Philadelphia Old city Marriott does not provide airport shuttle services.
    • The airport is 10 miles from the hotel.
  • What events can I participate in?
    • US Nationals: All ranks and all ages (7+) can compete
    • Goodwill tournament: All ranks of youth (7-17 years old),  black/brown belt adults (18+), and Seniors (45+) can compete
    • Here is a detailed explanation by rank and age

Frequently Asked Questions